We are the modern cleaning company. We’re now looking for likeminded people to join us in building the best home cleaning company in the world.

A cleaning revolution

Freska is the fastest-growing home cleaning technology company in the Nordics. We offer a flexible service to both our clients and our cleaners, and aim to revolutionise the cleaning industry. For us, it’s no longer just about cleaning – it’s about growing the happiest company in the world.

Opportunities to grow

Growth is the key. With us, you’ll be able to bloom as both a person and a professional. As a young company, we are all about diversity, dynamism and creating teams that work and grow together as tight-woven units.

Tangible results meet talent

Founded by the shores of the Baltic Sea in 2015, Freska has consistently grown 15% MoM and averaged an industry-leading 4.7/5 satisfaction rate. Our rigorous multi-stage recruitment process ensures that our teams are chock-full of talent that drives positive change within our industry.

Welcome to Helsinki 🇫🇮

Cold winters, grey skies and dark nights? Think again. Helsinki is home to the most exiting innovations in the world, a thriving creative scene and a bunch of succesful startups. It's a metropolis the size of a village, standing proud on the edge of the Baltic Sea.

  • Nordic work-life balance
  • The best living standards in the world
  • Exiting new innovations and driven people

Welcome to Oslo 🇳🇴

Vikings, fjords and high living costs? Think again. Located on Norway’s southern coast, Oslo is a green capital where history meets cutting-edge modernity. With a plethora of architectural masterpieces, the city is a Nordic pearl that will surprise you time and time again.

  • Nordic work-life balance
  • One of the happiest cities in the world
  • Close proximity to nature

Welcome to Stockholm 🇸🇪

Meatballs, midsummer and assemble-it-yourself furniture? Think again. With almost 800 000 inhabitants, Stockholm is a bustling Nordic city that has many faces. Spread over multiple neighbourhoods that all vary in their style, Stockholm has what you need – whatever you happen to be looking for.

  • Nordic work-life balance
  • Tidy and safe, yet exciting
  • Diverse and multicultural capital

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