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Do I need to clean before the cleaner comes?

Of course not! We're here for you to enjoy the things you enjoy and we take care of the cleaning. You can tell instructions to your cleanings for example, where the kids' toys belong, so you'll find the from the right places.

What language do the cleaners speak?

The main language of our cleaners when working is English, and we don't require our employees to speak Finnish (Note! Our customer service always communicates at least in Finnish and in English). However, sometimes it's not possible to find a common language between the cleaner and the customer, so communication can be somewhat challenging.🤔 There's no reason to worry! If you are considering a possible language barrier, you can contact our customer service via chat, phone or e-mail at our website or in the Freska app.

We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to work at Freska, whether they speak Finnish or not 👍

Do the cleaners bring their own cleaning equipment?

We always use the vacuum cleaner, the mop and the bucket found in your home. For cleaning supplies and equipment, we gladly bring Freska’s own eco-friendly supplies to make sure you're happy with the cleaning result. The Freska supplies are included in the service fee 6 €.

How do I deliver the key to the cleaner?

If you want, you can deliver your home key to us so that your cleaner can get into your home when you are not there to open the door. Bring your keys to our office no later than 5 days before cleaning. In this case, we have enough time to deliver the key to the cleaner as well.

You can also agree to hand over the keys directly with the cleaner using the key receipt form from the cleaner. After handing over the keys the accountability of the key moves to Freska.

If you don't have time to deliver the key to us 5 days before cleaning and you are not at home opening the door to the cleaner, please contact our customer service and we will arrange for the cleaner to enter your home.

Can my dog or cat be home during cleaning?

We love cats and dogs! :) Of course, but it is the customer's duty is to make sure that the cleaner has peace to carry out the work. In addition, the pets are always customer's responsibility.

Can I take advantage of the tax credit for household expenses?

All services are tax credit for household expenses-deductible! After tax deduction the hourly rate is about half of the original. For example, when ordering a subscription cleaning the hourly rate is only 19,60 €/h. You can read more about tax credit for household expenses here.

👉 Are you looking for the summary of ordered services in 2021? You can get it, as well as instructions on how to utilize the tax credit for household expenses from your Freska app and we will send you to your email in the start of 2022, making it easy to use the deduction! If necessary, you can also get advice and answers to your questions from our customer service at our chat in the website or the app or by email info@freska.fi

What if the cleaner is late?

We will notify you in advance if our cleaner is late and resolve the situation in the most appropriate way. The delay will not affect the cleaning time.

What should I do when the cleaner arrives at my house?

We recommend that you, along with a cleaner, go through the special features of your home during the first cleaning session so that he or she can take them into consideration when working. Don't worry, our cleaners are professionals in their field and are also able to ask the things they need to know.

Can I be at home during cleaning?

Of course you can! However, we recommend that you give your cleaner peace to work and spend the time you save with your hobbies, for example. In other words, you can be at home or spend time elsewhere. It's your decision!

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my booking?

When the cancellation is made later than 5 days before the scheduled cleaning, a charge is made in the form of a late cancellation fee, because of course we also pay our staff in cases like these. You can reschedule not later than 3 days before.

You can cancel or reschedule the booking easily in the app by clicking the booking open and click the options. There are canceling and rescheduling options in the options.

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Our customer service opening hours:

💬 Chat: 8.00-16.00 (Mon-Fri)

📞 Phone: 8.00-11.00 (Mon-Fri), 09 42450583

💌 You can email us anytime: info@freska.fi

🔑 Do you want to drop your key to the office? Visit us: Annankatu 27 A, 00100 Helsinki, we're open 9-16 (Mon-Thu), 9-14 (Fri)

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