Does Freska provide window cleanings?

Freska offers high quality home cleaning services to our customers. Only five star ratings is good enough for us. Window cleanings demands special equipment and extensive training for our cleaners in order to keep the level of quality that we need to deliver, which we are currently not providing. Due to limitations in our work environment policy we cannot clean higher than 180 cm. Hence we are not at the moment offering window cleaning to our customers.

Do the cleaners bring their own cleaning equipment?

We always use the vacuum cleaner, the mop and the bucket found in your home. For cleaning supplies and equipment, you decide whether our cleaners bring them, or whether the cleaning agents and equipment found in your home are used. When ordering the cleaning service, if you want the cleaner to use the cleaning supplies found in your home, make sure that you have the following cleaning supplies at home.

Can my dog or cat be home during cleaning?

Of course, but it is the customer's duty is to make sure that the cleaner has peace to carry out the work.

Can I take advantage of the tax credit for household expenses?

All services are tax credit for household expenses-deductible! You can read more about tax credit for household expenses here. We will send you a summary of the services you have purchased at the end of the year, as well as instructions on how to utilize the tax credit for household expenses, making it easy to use the deduction! If necessary, you can also get advice and answers to your questions from our customer service at 020 781 0555 or by email info@freska.fi

What if the cleaner is late?

We will notify you in advance if our cleaner is late and resolve the situation in the most appropriate way. The delay will not affect the cleaning time.

What should I do when the cleaner arrives at my house?

We recommend that you, along with a cleaner, go through the special features of your home during the first cleaning session so that he or she can take them into consideration when working. Don't worry, our cleaners are professionals in their field and are also able to ask the things they need to know.

Can I be at home during cleaning?

Of course you can! However, we recommend that you give your cleaner peace to work and spend the time you save with your hobbies, for example. In other words, you can be at home or spend time elsewhere. It's your decision!

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