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Let Freska's trained and reliable professional cleaners take care of it for you. Just leave us a quotation request and our Superheroes will rush to your aid. Moving cleaning price is 55 €/h.

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Superheroes to handle moving cleaning? Oh boy!

Moving can be a hassle, we know. Let us help! Hiring Freska's trained professional cleaners will take the load of doing tedious scrubbing and mopping off your shoulders, so you can focus on everything else. Below you'll find all the information you need on the service. Give it a read and drop us a quotation request - leave the rest to us!

There's plenty to take care of. Here's a list of all things included in our Superhero moving cleaning service.

In general / all spaces

Removing dust and stains from

  • all shelves and level surfaces (less than 180cm in height)
  • doors and door frames (no deep stain removal)
  • door handles and light switches
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Radiators and ventilators
  • Tile walls
  • Painted walls (only dusting & dry wiping)
  • Cabinets, wardrobes, closets etc. – inside and outside
  • Windows: only the layer inside the apartment (deep window cleaning must be booked separately)


  • Vacuuming floors and skirting boards
  • Mopping floors (if floor material suitable for damp mopping)
  • Level surfaces
  • Sink, faucet
  • Tile walls
  • Oven hood (except the filter)
  • Microwave (inside and outside)
  • All cabinets + cabinet doors (inside and outside, including trash bins)
  • Outer surfaces of: oven, fridge (deep oven and fridge cleaning must be booked separately)
Toilet and bathroom
  • Sink, faucet
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Shower area and bathtub
  • Cabinets (inside and outside)
  • Tile walls and visible pipes
  • Floor and floor drain
  • Toilet bowl
Separately ordered services
  • Sauna (floor, benches, glass door) - 1hr
  • Fridge and freezer (must be completely empty & melted beforehand) - 30’
  • Oven (inside + outside) – customer must move the oven beforehand - 1hr
  • Balcony: floor & surfaces (no deep stain removal for concrete floor) - 30’
Not included in the service
  • Oven hood filter
  • Deep stain removal from doors & walls
  • Unclogging drains / pipes
  • Moving heavy furniture (including bulky trash)
  • Anything above 180cm

Supplies & other important things

Freska will provide

  1. Long foldable duster for high surfaces

  2. Floor brush attachable to extension stick

  3. Extension stick

  4. Scraper

  5. Oven gel

  6. Magic sponge

  7. Strong bathroom chemical

  8. Other basic supplies (general + bathroom liquid, blue pink + yellow cloths, microfiber, normal sponge, window wiper, sauna brush)

Customer must provide

  1. Vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket
  2. An empty apartment/house
  3. Light, electricity, water!

More time with your loved ones (and that delicious moving day pizza)

...and yes, you probably have some other moving business to handle as well. So let us take care of the moving cleaning – Leave us a request for an offer via the form above. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Moving cleaning pricing

55 €/h

27,5 €/h after tax deduction. Leave a quotation request above to get the final price for your moving cleaning!

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