Household expenses tax credit

Household expenses tax credit in a nutshell

When you order home cleaning we give you two prices

  • Total price, that you pay when you order the service
  • Price after applying the tax credit, assuming you apply for the total tax credit available.

The tax credit is currently 50% of the paid price, and the benefit is applied to your personal tax.

The tax credit for household expenses is maximum €2,400 per person. The personal liability portion is €100.

Here's how much you could save over the next year:

Getting the tax credit

Benefitting from the tax credit should be simple:

  • We send you a summary of your orders for the previous year by email in January.
  • In the summary we tell you what to notify to the tax office.
  • You can get any support you need from our customer service.

Read more about the tax credit on the tax administration website.

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